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Things To Discuss With A Live Entertainment Company Before Hiring Them

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If you're planning an event, you know how important it is to have great live entertainment. Your entertainment sets the mood and can either make or break your event. Live entertainment companies can provide the perfect solution for your event, but it's important to have a conversation with them about what they offer so that you know you're getting your money's worth. 

With that said, here are three things to discuss with a live entertainment company to get your money's worth.

Type of Entertainment

You first need to ask the live entertainment company about the type of entertainment they provide. Do they specialize in a certain genre of music or type of performance? Are they able to provide DJs or bands? Are they experienced in providing performances for children, adults, or both?

Determine what kind of entertainment your event requires and make sure the company you're talking to is able to deliver that. You don't want to book a company that provides only DJ services when you're looking for a live band or classical music.

Equipment and Setup

The equipment and setup that the live entertainment company provides is also an important factor to consider. Ask them about their audio equipment, lighting system, stage, and props. Find out what kind of setup and equipment they provide so that you know what to expect once your event starts. You want to make sure the setup and equipment are reliable, well-maintained, and appropriate for the size of your event space.

You should also inquire if the entertainment company can provide any additional services, such as lighting or sound technicians, to ensure the best quality of entertainment for your event. This is especially important if you're hosting a large event that requires more than one stage.

Contract and Fees

The entertainment company you hire should provide you with a written contract outlining the scope of services they will provide. The contract should include the company's fees, any additional services they will provide (lighting and sound technicians, for example), and their payment terms.

Ask about any extra fees, such as travel expenses or overtime fees, and make sure these are included in the contract. You should also ask about their cancellation policy and if they provide any backup options in case of an emergency. Some companies may even offer additional discounts or promotions if you book them for multiple events.

At the end of the day, you want your guests to have a good time, so choose the live entertainment company that fits your requirements. Discuss all these important details with them to get your money's worth and have a fantastic event. 

Contact a local live entertainment company to learn more.